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Comments are often reactivity in writing. A knee-jerk reaction to an article or story can often lead to critical statements, judgments, or disrespect. The Ready Nest Counseling blog is comment-free. This is a safe place, offering a variety of perspectives from a wide-range of authors from many walks of life. Not everyone will agree with every post – that’s impossible. But, whether you agree or disagree, it’s the hope of Ready Nest Counseling that you will receive the information and perspective with respect and thoughtfulness, allowing it to progress you in your own process towards a healthy goal. If a post stirs up feelings of concern for you, discuss them with your spouse, friends, or counselor. You are always free to submit your own story or article for consideration, and please directly report any offensive material immediately if you believe it needs to be removed from the site.


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Stories and views expressed in Ready Nest Counseling blog posts do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Emily Pardy or any Ready Nest Counseling professional partners. Views are explicitly the author’s and therefore Ready Nest Counseling does not endorse any particular experience or choice as better than another, nor endorse held views, products, or practices on affiliate links provided by individual authors. The Ready Nest Counseling blog attempts to shed light on a variety of topics from a wide range of perspectives and is always accepting submissions.