Patient Nurture: A Postpartum Meditation

Mindfulness is a stress-relieving practice that can help you slow down, calm yourself, tune in with your body, and enjoy the presence of just being. Practicing meditation is a perfect way to carve out time for yourself and regain clarity.

Chelsea Kim Long wrote and recorded a beautiful meditation for postpartum mothers titled Patient Nurture that will reach deep into your soul and help you restore focus, energy, and gratitude. Chelsea has a unique expression in her meditation practice, using her faith and incorporating Scripture to open herself up to strength and wisdom beyond herself.

Listen to Patient Nurture here.

As I wrote and recorded and practiced this meditation, I was reminded of the things that matter to me and WHY I do those things. I was reminded that prayer works, intentionality heals, and patience soothes. 

I hope that this meditation allows you to slow down enough to ask yourself what you need to process and heal. This meditation addresses postpartum mothers specifically, but the concepts I share can be universally applied for any time you need to process a transition in your life.
-Chelsea Kim Long

Processed with Snapseed.Chelsea is a wife and mother. She’s passionate about family, yoga, meditation, and knowing herself and others deeply. She lives and learns in San Diego, where she’s a part of an incredible missional community. She finds freedom by writing on faith, motherhood, and what she calls  “soul care” on her website: Her goal is to be healthy, happy, joyous, and free, and to help others find that freedom.

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